Sunday, August 24, 2008

Got Wood?!?!

So, for the last month, I have been wondering what the heck my parents have been up to? They kept talking about all this "wood nonsense", preparing themselves for using their outdoor wood burning furnace
with the increasing price of oil...bla, blah, blah...
(Yup, this is was people in their mid-50's do up here in NH!) I decided to take a trip up to see them this weekend and THIS is what I discovered!!!
They have a whole method to their madness!!!
They had 3 truck deliveries of wood delivered, with logs ranging from
8' -16' logs! They cut them into 2' lengths and then split them with the heavy-duty log splitter they bought into 8 cords of wood !!!

Mom splits the 2'cuts...

Dad loads the splits into the cart & drives to the stacks...

Dad stacks the splits in a very organized & balanced way...

(apparently Mom tried to do this & there was a near fatal collapse!)

And, WHALAH!!! They have wood for the winter!!!

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