Tuesday, November 4, 2008

LONG Overdue...

Sorry for the delay in a recent posting... life seemed to CREEP up on me (no pun intended w/the recent Halloween Holiday!) Here are a few recent events that have taken place...
Some Fall foliage shots from beautiful New England...(Quality is poor bc taken w/camera phone!)

My sister Whitney finished the Adidas Dublin Marathon!!! WAY TO GO WHITNEY!!! Click here for a larger image... Rohrer Bib # 1673 http://www.marathonfoto.com/index.cfm?RaceOID=22272008F1&AddressNumber=369670&Mailing=17902

We got some new furniture... a new KING size bed (GLORIOUS!) and a new couch/set-up for our living room!

Genny dressed a prisoner for Halloween! We're so proud! LOL!

I hope you all exercised your RIGHT TO VOTE!!! I DID!!!

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