Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"Ice, Ice Baby..."

Who would have thought the words of Vanilla Ice (the rapper) would ever be uttered again!?!?
So, as most of you know by now, NH was hit pretty hard by the ice storm last Thursday. Although we were fortunate to be safe & healthy there were some minor catastrophes along the way...
We lost power in the middle of the night on Thursday and were awoken all night long to what sounded like bombs exploding in our front lawn...
Here's what we saw at sunrise on Friday...

We were without power & heat until Saturday when we were informed by our power company that bc our "drop line" (wire that runs from the main street power line to our home) and weather pole had fallen, it was our responsibility to contact an electrician to repair & replace!
Here's what we did for heat in the mean time!!Fortunately, our neighbors were in the same boat and we were able to use the same company to get out and have us up & running!
Unfortunately, many of our friends and family are STILL without power and our house has been acting as a temporary Refugee Camp!!!
Hope your week was better then ours!!!

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