Thursday, February 19, 2009

Weekend at The Brewster...

That title was my LAME attempt to put a spin on "Weekend at Bernie's". KABOOM!!!
Anywho, Ian and I had a weekend getaway up in
Dexter, Maine this past weekend.
First of all, there was an AMAZING sunset on the way up north...
Unfortunately, our amazement was then jolted by
an over hour long traffic jam!
We finally arrived, staying at The Brewster Inn. Most famously known for being the residence of the Governor/Senator Brewster (played by Allan Alda) from the movie "The Aviator" starring Leonardo DiCaprio. The home was filled with such history, including a secret phone under the main staircase that had a direct line to the White House!
Our original plans for dog-sledding were ky-boshed by the sudden warm front we experienced last week, melting a majority of the snow, followed by a sudden deep freeze, causing everything up north to turn into solid ice. I guess ice and dog-sledding are not a safe combo! So the trip was cancelled. But we did some exploring of the area instead and especially enjoyed our stop over at beautiful Moosehead Lake.
We then retreated back to out B&B for a romantic Valentine's dinner, followed by some R&R in the jacuzzi and sipping champagne by the fire. Oh yeah, this hysterical card (yeah, I know, it should have been him giving me this card, but it's SO me! LOL!)

On the return trip home, we stopped in Freeport, Maine at the infamous original L.L.Bean store! I hadn't been there since I was a kid and forgot how HUGE it is! Check out the GIANT boot outside!

Well, we are now off on more excursions as I head to Austin, TX this coming week for work, followed by me flying out to San Francisco to meet up with Ian for a Northern CA vacation!
Warmer weather, here we come!!!

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