Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"Excuse me, can you unzip that?"

Well, Britney is definitely BACK!!!
To say she put on a show would be an understatement!
It really was a CIRCUS... trapeze, S&M (not sure that would happen at Barnum & Bailey, but oh well!) fire, 3-ring stage and even midgets (Hhhmm, not sure if that's PC, maybe "little people"?) She truly is a performer, so all I gotta' say is YOU GO GIRL!!! And OMG the outfits...

Thanks to my friend (with an inside connection) we managed to get box seats... not the really up close ones, but definitely the comfortable "We're in our 30's at a Britney Spears concert, nice to have a private room w/an oriental rug and comfy seating" kind of box. Far away enough from the stage (you couldn't bring cameras in anyways), but not too far that you couldn't see. Much better than being in the...
"We're stuck in the middle of a row with of a bunch of screaming and dancing pre-teens and their parents" type of seats.
But the most hysterical part of the night must have been that my above mentioned friend who got us the tickets, is 9 months PREGNANT!!! We went to the concert on 3/16 and her due date was 3/17! Still no baby... Hang in there, Cheryl!!! As we were going through security the nice rolly-polly man actually uttered the blog title line above to her... "Excuse me, can you unzip that?"... referring to her fleece jacket. As if we'd be trying to smuggle in a 30 pack of beer or something?!?! Her response... "Uuummm... IT'S A BABY!!"

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Bethany said...

Funny, I would have guessed maybe it was a balloon with nitrus... You know, for the whipped cream maker for your sundaes;-)

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