Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just Ducky...

Well, on Easter weekend (well the Monday after) we finally had the landscapers come and remove ALL of the post winter storm debris from our yard. We knew there was a lot, but weren't able to see it all winter, as it was covered by the snow. The landscapers informed us that they had to leave a small portion of the down branches
on the side yard bc of our nest.
"Our NEST?!?!", I said.
Do you see anything?
That was when we discovered our new tenants...
A mother duck and her 10+ eggs!
Is that ironic? Right after Easter Sunday?!?!
Genny has not yet discovered them, as I am told they do not have a scent yet (part of mother-nature's camouflage/protection).
We are anxiously awaiting the birth of the ducklings!

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Nicole said...

Ok - It is your fault that I will be humming the Duck Tales theme song for the next week!

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