Friday, April 3, 2009

So, they actually do work!?!?

Alright, I can already hear the hypocrite comments coming! A few weeks ago at a dinner party, I stood up on my soap-box and insisted that the "Aqua Globes" Plant Watering system (As Seen On TV) was a big hoax!
I had been visiting some friends in CT who had several of these concoctions in various plants around the house. I commented that I had wanted to get some and they insisted that I do not! "Why not?", I asked. "Because they don't fill up with water! We just have them in the plants for decoration.", they stated. Being the bull-headed Taurus that I am, I insisted upon attempting to correct this problem. After many attempts and various techniques to try and fill these suckers, they were right... They would not fill up with water as they are supposed to.
So, as more of a "told ya' so" move, I went out and purchased the above mentioned Aqua Globes for Ian to try for himself. I was so confident that I was going to prove his skepticism wrong... not the case. The ones I purchased actually worked!!!

See, I'm not always right... just most of the time! LOL!

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