Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lobster, Mussels & Clam Strips... OH MY!!!

Brown's or Markey's???
Those of you from New England will probably know what I am referring to in the above question. Both Brown's & Markey's are two VERY popular Lobster Pounds in Hampton Beach, NH. There is a long history between the two (which are located directly across the street from one another), that I will NOT get into on this posting.
The long & short of it is, you are either a fan of Brown's or Markey's and that's that... no flip-flopping (pardon the beach humor)!
Which location do I prefer???... BROWN'S!!!

Which is a perfect segway into the remaining post... Ian's family has a tradition of the birthday person choosing the restaurant of their choice for their birthday dinner. Recently it was Ian's birthday and guess where he chose?!?!
MARKEY'S!!! (?)

Despite the choice in location, it was a beautiful summer night to be eating fresh seafood on the water...

This seagull swooped in & tried to grab a french frie!

Here's where the entry tidal (more beach humor) came from...

And what birthday would be complete without cake!!! Check out this doozy I got for him(another of his FAVORITE summer foods!!!)...

Happy Birthday, Ian!!!


Drew said...


I was havin some Japanese Steak House last night and was thinking of Ian and birthdays from long long ago!


Rebecca Chase said...

You are going to DIE when I tell you this: But I DO flip flop between the two! I’ve been to Markey’s twice already and Brown’s once. I like Brown’s atmosphere (if you can even call it that) over Markey’s but I like Markey’s ordering process/shorter wait and parking lot over Brown’s. food is great at both! I’m so glad you guys had fun.

Hey—where did you get that cake?! It looked awesome!

Rachel Ronquist said...

Too funny. I have never been to either! :)

Anna said...

ooooohhhh.... yummy! was that a cake shaped like a hamburger? that's amazing!

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