Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Beautiful Day (or Night)...

Well, it seems as though my "year of the concert" has come to an end!
First it was NKOTB, then Britney Spears, Jeff Beck, Dave Matthews Band, Steely Dan, Steve Miller Band & The Doobie Brothers and the finale this past Monday night with...
U2 at Gillette Stadium!

We started the night by tailgating in a parking lot about a mile from the stadium, hoping to avoid the terrible traffic trying to leave after the concert.
Even though it was a sobering mile walk, we were pleasantly surprised by our luxury-like concert accommodations! The ladies and I had scored tickets in the Fidelity Club Section (Thanks UMASS Alumni Association)!

It was quite the stage set up, as the tour was call the "360 Degree Tour", the stage was also (take a guess???)... 360 degrees.

Although I was not familiar with their latest album, "No Line On The Horizon", the setlist was still pretty darn good! I definitely could have done with out Bono's political rants, but the MOST disappointing part of our overall great night was that Gillette Stadium stopped serving beer at 9:10 pm!!! What is that CRAP?!?!
Turns out our decision to park a little ways away, was a good one, bc we got out of Foxboro without a problem!
On a final note... Bono looked DAMN GOOD for his age!!!

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Anonymous said...

that was, probably, one of the best shows I've ever been to. I have a fever and the only thing that will cure it is more Bono.

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