Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Just Can't Get Enough...

Depeche Mode said it right... "Just Can't Get Enough"!
And for me that's DEEP FRIED TURKEY (DFT)!!!
For those you who may recall it was just 2 short months ago that our family experimented with this phenomenon for the first time at Thanksgiving. We decided to gather up the family again for round 2 and this time added some kick! I experimented with a Southern Style DFT recipe that required the "injection process" the night before, as well as a spicy dry rub (Is it just me or does that sentence sound a bit naughty?!?!) We had done the Traditional Style DFT recipe before. Here are the before pictures with the dry rub:

And after about an hour of cooking (17.5 lb. turkey) at 350 degrees...

Now, I know Trytophan can have a "sleepy" effect on people after eating turkey,
but what's their excuse, they didn't even have any?!?!

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